Susan Haley Corson – in Gloucester, VA

The Haley family has lived in Gloucester County,  Virginia for almost 40 years. Susan Haley (now Susan Haley Corson) was a young teenager when her family moved to a large Victorian house on Main Street. This rural county had a population of about 10,000 people. Today Gloucester has a population of over 30,000 people. But its rural character has not changed and its attitude and vision for itself fits nicely into the vision of the rest of the Middle Peninsula of Virginia and Northern Neck of Virginia.

Downtown Gloucester

Main Street is still the charming place that it has been for the last century. Main Street still has the Courthouse Circle that contains the oldest courthouse continuing in use in the United States. It still has quaint specialty shops, locally-owned restaurants, movie theater, bowling alley, library, drug store, and food stores. The  professional offices in downtown Gloucester include The Heritage House where you can find Haley Real Estate.

Unlike the ‘court house area’ of 40 years ago, there are now modern conveniences within 2 miles. These include Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, a fully certified hospital with a modern cancer center and a shopping center with a Walmart and Home Depot. And there is Beaverdam Park,  a public park with boating, fishing, nature walks and picnic areas. (The park is so attractive that Steven Spielberg chose to make a movie call ‘Minority Report’ with Tom Cruise in this beautiful place.)

The Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck

The surrounding localities on the Middle Peninsula are now as populated as Gloucester County but share many of the same qualities of rural charm, quaint facilities and rich history. They include Mathews County, Hartfield, Urbanna, Reedville, Irvington,Kilmarnock and others.

Haley Real Estate in Downtown Gloucester

So it is no wonder that Susan Haley Corson chose to come back to Gloucester when she completed over 20 years as a military spouse, traveling all over the world. She was a real estate agent while stationed at various U. S. Army bases so it was natural for her to continue this career when she came home. And now she is the Broker/Owner of one of the most successful real estate agencies in the area.