Vibrant real estate market, 2018 predictions are good

There is good news on the real estate home front. The market was up nationally by 11 percent in 2017, according to the National Association of Realtor’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun. It is predicted that 2018 will have equally as good percentages, if not better. There is growth The local real estate market, here on the Middle Peninsula, has had … Read More

Lots of Shopping in Rural Middle Peninsula of Virginia

‘If I move to the quiet rural areas of the Middle Peninsula of Virginia such as Gloucester, Mathews, or Middlesex counties, how far will I have to go to do the shopping I am used to doing?’ This is a question that many people might have if they are planning to this quiet rural area. But have no fear – … Read More

Beer in Downtown Gloucester Virginia

Gloucester and the Middle Peninsula of Virginia are rural and semi-rural communities. So you would not think of these locations as ‘party towns’. But there is a lot going on that is attractive to people who love to have a good time and who appreciate a good brew. The seventh annual Main Street Blues and Brews is a case in point. … Read More

Festival Events on the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck of Virginia

Like many rural communities all over the world, we have festivals and events which help to uniquely identify our background and interests. The Gloucester Daffodil Festival, Mathews Market Days and the Urbanna Oyster Festival arguably are the most prominent on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia and Northern Neck. But many others are happening such as southern Gloucester’s Guinea Jubilee and … Read More

Susan Haley Corson – in Gloucester, VA

The Haley family has lived in Gloucester County,  Virginia for almost 40 years. Susan Haley (now Susan Haley Corson) was a young teenager when her family moved to a large Victorian house on Main Street. This rural county had a population of about 10,000 people. Today Gloucester has a population of over 30,000 people. But its rural character has not changed and its attitude … Read More