Updates & Upgrades To Sell Your Home

2018 is rapidly coming to an end. If selling your home is a top New Year’s resolution but you aren’t sure where to start, Haley Real Estate can help! From staging your home to sell, the ultimate home seller checklist, and it’s time to sell, we have many useful tips that can help sell your home with knowledgable agents guiding you through the process. Please call us today at 888-526-9606 so we can help you be prepared for the upcoming Spring selling season.

Home improvements aren’t necessarily costly. Many fixes, though relatively inexpensive can greatly enhance the asthetics of a room or change the exterior of a home. Start by fixing all obvious issues first such as leaks, roof repairs, damaged flooring, or eyesores. Then, you will be ready to move on to updates and upgrades that will make your home more appealing to buyers.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

  • Clean all gutters
  • Repair or replace any damaged siding, windows, or roofing
  • Pressure wash siding, driveway, and pathways
  • Keep the lawn mowed, the shrubbery trimmed, and the flower beds weeded
  • Plant perrenial or annual flowers that will bloom when you’re selling. For Spring sales, plant bulbs such as daffodil, tulip, & hyacinth in the fall. For Summer sales, plant flowers such as pansies, petunias, zinnia, & daylily. Plant flowers such as chrysanthemum, viola and ornamental kale or cabbage for fall sales.

Photograph taken by Laura Eggleston

Inexpensive Updates

  • Repaint the walls for a clean, fresh look
  • Repaint kitchen cabinet doors
  • Repair damaged flooring
  • Regrout and/or retile kitchen counters & bathrooms
  • Add colorful pillows or a throw to accent a neutral decor
  • Replace dated curtains
  • Add lamps to brighten dark rooms


  • Add trendier fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Modernize your kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Add tile backsplashes in the kitchen
  • Replace the kitchen cabinet doors (or) upgrade the handles
  • Replace old or musty carpeting with modern flooring
  • Add recessed lighting to brighten dark spaces
  • Replace damaged exterior siding