Know Your Flood Risk

Flooding can occur anywhere, including “low risk” zones on FEMA maps so it is important to be aware of your flood risk BEFORE you list or purchase property. Hurricanes, Nor’easters, rain-driven ponding or pooling, dam failure inundation, and water main failures are all insurable causes of flooding in Gloucester, Virginia.

Flood Risk Resources

The following sites are free of charge to help you better understand your flood risk. For property specific issues, contact your local floodplain manager or a licensed surveyor.

Flood Factor™

Flood Factor™ is flood risk visualization tool from the First Street Foundation now accessible through an interactive experience on It uses flood modeling like FEMA but leverages the highest resolution data available to produce approximate flood maps for all the continental U.S. If you have any specific questions relating to Flood Factor™, please submit your question via the Customer Care team through at 877-909-6640.

Flood Risk Professionals

Floodplain Administrator – Brent Payne, P.E. Director of Engineering Services (Interim Floodplain Administrator) 804-693-5480

Other Floodplain Contact – William (Bill) Riter Interim Building Official 804-693-1222

David Bunn – Bunn Insurance Agency Virginia Beach Office 757-426-2664 Richmond Office 804-745-5565

Mark A. Indzeris, L.S. – Reference Mark Land Surveying 8330 Ark Road, Gloucester, VA 23061. 804–815–1215